Alipay push new features live beautiful photo media meat marketing



push new features live beauty Island portrait


original title: "the butcher" to promote the life circle of


recently, Alipay officially launched the life circle of the function in version 9.2. Then an article entitled "Alipay in the life circle live beautiful island portrait" article is widely transmitted, in the WeChat circle of friends is also shuabing.

Alipay beauty marketing compromised WeChat? Most users seem to be "life circle" of the new functions do not buy it. "Alipay can quietly do a purse? Add social features such as chat on ATM machine." More users of this vulgar marketing questioned: bikini beauty marketing, so vulgar really good?

It is reported that Alipay

, an increase of three in 9.2 versions: a variety of language change, life circle and burn after reading. Users of these new features constantly tucao. Some netizens pointed out that in the process of using Taobao Alipay is the default send a friend request, but I don’t know, but that day or the casual friends can not delete any friends can see myself in life.

netizens worry, life circle will be forced to match friends through various types of personal information, forced to publicly share purchase records, but also can not refuse. Netizens pointed out that currently seems not delete Alipay life, if you don’t want this function, only to uninstall the software to download the old version, also have to pay attention to don’t press the pop-up updated version of each open.

Internet plus the era of vulgar, vulgar marketing should be condemned

reservation website: Recently a reservation a "special" marketing posts in the online heat transfer. According to friends, at the scene, a group of people wearing clothes with a two-dimensional code of the brand, impressively marked sweep my room, the country half off".

a laundry company: Shanghai metro line two in two female white-collar public and off to the remaining underwear, scared the other passengers. Event video on the Internet spread, saw a man came up to a woman handed the clothes, and he dressed in T-shirt exposed event mystery: the original is a washing company to plan marketing activities.

business: "I want to launch a business activities through the official WeChat milk", a few posters released its big walking a fine line, one is a man with a mobile phone near a woman shouted "I want milk", another is a man holding a mobile phone to a baby feeding young woman shouted "I want to milk".

restaurant: a Beijing restaurant, find hundreds of beefcake foreign male model, wearing a Spartan costume deiivery, scantily clad triggered by the commotion, but also attracted the police arrested the relevant personnel.