t’s a website that hurts me and my brother

1 years ago, I registered the domain name of the www.xinyishi.com, there was a friend to spend 2500 to buy me. On their own to stay with the. A Xinyi City hotline network! Actually a few pages a little and not much content! Estimated in October in 07 years, I used the P8 system to collect a large part of the end of the paper, "Xinyi" the key search in Baidu

word reached the first page of Baidu!

I am very happy, because this is the station area for money! However, I stand in the good times don’t last long interactive website around November and not special record is being investigated, after the February opening again is almost no low that influence! My fate, but I say if I stand with the actual not bad, I took our Xuzhou Shengdiya light partition board building materials Co. Ltd., Sun Ming translation translation company, translation company, Shanghai Yapeng decoration, etc. the website production tasks, to earn a lot of money.

I do not want to from the portal area! I feel like I’m a personal power station is so weak! At that time to 100 thousand yuan sold out, but they all say I’m just a day dreaming! But in 07 years, our family and neighbors to land disputes, not to reflect. Parents go to court to find the city government and so on have no effect. To evade the village my body, so also with the mayor that conflict, finally I was hit.

the first time I used my station in the station Zhang released this material, I have the contract extremely damaged occupy the picture plane form on my website released the morning of the second day! We pressed 7 years of things got better, they also asked me to delete the contents, I was special check the visiting members to check our records, the city government compound member, I think he really thank you, thank you! He help me to get this information out there, but I did not find a way to contact him


from this event I also helped other people to launch a member of the human flesh search operations, we have found in this area of a family member of the destruction of female student information. People also launched condemned these dishonest social atmosphere, which is my brother’s friend, though I deleted, or be called brother badly! Later I was designated as "as the elder brother thought you great" I really did not think of this, I only know that I earn in legitimate money, I don’t really wrong? This can affect my feelings and my brother


I think sometimes people do not give me the money I will also help the promotion or find release the borer! Now I said my brother not recognize my brother! I have nothing to say! I really don’t have the wrong? I want to sell this station, then do not stop! But I open the price is too high it? According to my previous mode of operation which is not smart! Can still make money! All 5566 models used for imitation area advertising is very useful! Mainly depends on the ability to run out of business! I want to say that money is not easy, but it is not difficult.