Give me something to do (2004-2007)

      2001 my first contact was on the Internet, or Bihaiyinsha, almost never what. Really understand the computer or in 2002 on the basis of computer courses, and the real contact to do the page, or 2004 of the time, the use of NetEase student space, 10M/25 yuan a year. Moreover, learn to upload and download time, I feel very excited, and finally unlock the mystery of the site, but also that they have set foot on the road is not the same, ha ha, now think of it all feel a little ridiculous. Because at that time to learn to do a very simple HTML file. That is, index.html, but also for the HTML and HTM what is different feel very upset.

      after copy, to find the source code to change, started looking for the most is 265 and the hao123 code, oh, want to do the site navigation, that is pure static HTML, so I upload for a long time, of course, than now upload something still pale into insignificance by comparison. But I felt a lot of documents. In particular, 265 of the folder, there are dozens of, and the relevant advertising documents to delete, then do not know how to use a lot of tools, one by one to do a manual, really tired ah, do a good job finishing.

      can I find things well, but no one came to visit, this time my friend said, to do search engine optimization, I do not know what is, Baidu search for a long time, finally know a prospect. Can the operation is completely not knowing why it is so. To engage in or not included. Finally, the Forum on the promotion of NetEase, oh, I remember that the number of visits reached more than 50, I think it is a big breakthrough, ha ha, because there is no well included, people come from the forum. Finally, we found that the others came to see and run, and never visit again.

      doing doing, I found that Baidu included a few pages, and ranking is the exam, I went up the update data of what. Happy to update the paper. But soon found it was not working. It’s really a vegetable.

      Oh, but also a statement, I am poor, it was not the computer, are friends of Internet cafes on the machine to do. That’s what I call a guerrilla war. But, until I have the advertising fees or not to buy the machine, this machine is now bought in September last year.

      one day I found a site, there are tens of thousands of articles, I was very depressed, which come so much time to update the webmaster, very curious, went to check, I finally found the acquisition of weapons.

      then went to buy a space, registered a real top-level domain, with the