Hongling venture billion yuan of bad debts class banks P2P sounded the alarm

[in any case, the emergence of the billion yuan of bad debts, has been carefully poured from Hongling venture safety dam collapse Wai wai". In the case of the general strength of the platform is limited, to reduce the impact of bad debts on the platform, we must limit the concentration of loans]

the afternoon of August 28th, Hongling venture a million yuan loan overdue notice, so this is known as "P2P industry’s largest bad from the rumors become reality. Hongling venture commitment, from the beginning of September 10th, will pay all the principal loan batch.

since March of this year, in order to cope with the risk of borrowing, Hongling venture capital ratio to start borrowing risk reserve, but the emergence of the billion bad debts, has broken through the safety of the risk reserve. "First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that at present Hongling venture capital risk reserve and a total of about 140 million yuan, of which the risk reserve for more than 8000 yuan, not enough to advance.

from the beginning of March this year, Hongling venture on a large loan business, the current amount of its large loan amount of nearly 2 billion 400 million yuan, to close the loan is to reach $3 billion 300 million. After the advance, Hongling venture capital strength will hit, also a hidden danger for the subsequent payment ability.

in this case, promise to advance at the same time, Hongling venture will start financing 800 million yuan. In addition to the use of its own funds, but also the use of capital increase, the program will be announced soon." Hongling venture insiders yesterday told the first financial daily reporters.

"this problem can be solved through financing, but if the other big lose one, take what to pay?" a P2P industry insiders believe that one or two billion dollars in loans to banks, not worth mentioning, but on the P2P platform, it is absolutely a single. As long as there is a single bad debts, the vast majority of the platform will not be able to bear, and this is also the main business of large loans class bank platform sounded the alarm.

industry insiders suggested that in the case of the general strength of the platform is limited, to reduce the impact of bad debts on the platform, we must limit the concentration of loans.

emergency funds

Hongling venture earlier data show that as of March 26th this year, Hongling venture cumulative turnover of 5 billion 90 million yuan, and now has soared to $8 billion 720 million, half a new volume of about $3 billion 600 million.

100 million yuan of overdue loans

the Hongling venture consists of four pen, the paper Tsui Guangzhou 30 million yuan, Guangzhou Rui Lin Feng paper and paper each 25 million yuan, 20 million yuan for Guangzhou Kingsany paper.

as of now, the loan from the expiration of the time, the shortest only 16 days, the longest is only 73 days. Hongling venture said, because the loan processing cycle is longer, to make investors from losses, investment maturity, it will advance all principal and interest, from September 10th onwards, Hongling venture will first batch of investors to advance principal and interest.