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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 13th news, recently, there is news that social shopping service mogujie.com is trying a new round of financing, financing of about $300 million, the valuation will reach about $2 billion.

sources said that mogujie.com’s financing has attracted a number of domestic and foreign investment institutions, including private equity Holdings Company focused on the latter part of the start-up, sovereign wealth funds, and hedge funds. June 2014, mogujie.com in the last round of financing valued at $1 billion.

it is understood that mogujie.com had previously received three rounds of financing, the first two rounds of cumulative financing of nearly $20 million. A round investors for Bertelsmann and Zhao letter B round of capital, Qiming venture partners. C round of financing is acquired in June last year, more than $200 million, led Party voted for the magnolia, Zhi letter and several funds, IDG, Qiming, Gao Rong and other Senate vote.

mogujie.com was founded by 2 former employees of taobao.com in 2011, set up more than four years, accumulated over 85 million users, 35 million monthly active users, monthly sales of about $48 million. Mogujie.com provides services through websites and applications, is one of the fast-growing e-commerce companies in china.

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Alibaba is on the market Chinese e-commerce giant, but is sometimes compared to China Pinterest mogujie.com, trying through the integration of social networking and online shopping, occupy a space for one person in the electronic commerce market. Users through the creation of clothing, shoes and other pictures of the product to communicate with each other, the user can be settled in mogujie.com’s business or by paying commissions to mogujie.com other e-commerce sites to buy these products. But mogujie.com also faces fierce competition from other social shopping services, such as beauty.

is also a well-known shopping guide platform started in the attachment that Taobao "tree", and again in 2013 for the start of the transformation of Taobao banned women vertical electric business platform, a year ago, the fate of the market and mogujie.com also have many beautiful concerns, but now, two survived and lived well. 2014, the beautiful said commodity turnover of 5 billion 600 million yuan, mogujie.com turnover of nearly $3 billion 600 million..

June said that unlike other electricity providers to the supplier perspective, mogujie.com in the consumer perspective, focusing on the user what to buy, how to buy, how to share the business after the purchase, the core is to make the mogujie.com transformation process is more reasonable. For mogujie.com, the transition is the norm, Social  shopping is not necessarily the last finalized mogujie.com do. "If the user habits change over the past two years, we will fine tune, big adjustments may also, we never fear to talk about change, this is a kind of evolution."

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