Fang Xingdong was bankrupt blog China into a social network

Chinese blog theory the earliest school, known as the "China blog" the father of chairman and CEO Fang Xingdong, the day before the company went bankrupt by the outgoing message, after rumors were more details: 95% layoffs, Fang Xingdong paid ten yuan to advance wages. At the same time, the blog published by the famous blogger in the field of "blog out of date" caused a lot of controversy. Is it really going to be out of date blog blog China is really broke

although Fang Xingdong himself denied "bankruptcy", said is adjusted for strategic adjustment, financing will divestment rumors, Fang Xingdong said it is a "fudge", but the reporter called that has been revised, and the revision of the concept of the difference between the original blog. So far, a social network and interactive community, and even try to introduce mobile phone network, to expand the circle of users, this is another way of admitting such a fact: "now the simple writing blog has been left behind."

social networking site may replace blog

published blog blog has been out of date, the user is the Internet itself in the field of Internet practitioners, social networking sites, the founder of the ant network, he thinks he is also an active blogger. In this blog "catcher in the reading life", he has been "writing mode from the media, almost all articles around the Internet web site operators, especially community and e-commerce content," the blog brought me some so-called fame and happiness, with a very high traffic, but now, but I seriously think about a problem: shouldn’t we close this blog." The reason for this is that the blog is out of date. The blog: "since the media" and "social" after the two functions, he believes that social networking sites will eventually replace the blog function, become the mainstream of the Internet after the day.

blog network and the revised statement also made it clear that the meaning of the blog will be a major change. Not only is the writing, the future of the blog will go to the picture and video multimedia dominate the stage, making friends, interactive, entertainment will become the main attraction of the blog. That is to say, the blog writing feature will become a major function of the foundation community, blog and community development is the inevitable future.

celebrity blog: there is no profit plagued a lot of

Sina rely on the high volume of celebrity blog has become a "media" blog signs, but there are many problems. Blog ranked first in late May, Xu Jinglei began to update their own electronic magazine, no longer as a private diary blog to write her kitten puppy, quite exit from the altar. Traffic has been followed by the Han Han blog also added two ads recently and Lenovo cooperation, engage in "grab a chair win mobile phone" activities in the blog, this series of activities to his blog to become more commercial, Han Han said this is upset. Because we could read Han Han’s article in the blog for free, so when Han Han’s essays are published, from more than half a million sales dropped to yiershiwan. Han Han claims to be blog