Hacker intrusion Facebook account service charges $100

            Beijing on September 19th news, according to foreign media reports, the Spanish security firm PandaLabs said on Friday, has been found to provide a specialized website intrusion Facebook user account. The site claims to be able to provide any invasion of the user account Facebook services, the invasion of each user charges $100.

PandaLabs provides the hacker website screenshot shows, the website claims to be able to provide services to the invasion of the Facebook user account any "customer", "services" including the login password intrusion object and related information.

PandaLabs technology director Lewis · (Luis Corrons), said: the hacker website seems to be able to provide Facebook user account intrusion services. If the site’s creator does have the ability to do so, it means that all Facebook users are facing security threats. The hacker will log in to the user Facebook password and other information to sell to others, other network attackers will take this to other criminal activities. In any case, the service provided by the hacker website is a crime."

Facebook recently announced that its global users reached 300 million. It is precisely because of the huge amount of Facebook users, many cyber criminals to look to the site. PandaLabs believes that hackers openly provide an account of the invasion of Facebook user service shows that Facebook to enhance user security has been urgent.