Report JavaScript as the most popular programming language

industry analysis firm RedMonk today released the latest quarter of the most popular programming language list, which ranked first in JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python followed.

There are two sources of data for this ranking based on

, GitHub and programming Q & a site StackOverflow. It is not easy to rank the programming languages, but it is an important consideration for developers who want to know how to use the language to program.

is not a ranking system is perfect, so in order to increase the accuracy of the rankings, RedMonk on the use of GitHub and StackOverflow two different data sources to integrate considerations.

below is the RedMonk programming language list:

1 JavaScript

2 Java


4 Python

5 Ruby

6 C#

7 C++

8 C

9 Objective-C

10 Shell

11 Perl

12 Scala

13 Haskell

14 ASP

15 Assembly

16 ActionScript

17 R

18 Visual Basic

19 CoffeeScript

20 Groovy