Direct purchase of the Pacific alleged three crimes pyramid schemes illegal fund-raising



map for the Pacific direct purchase site. Morning news reporter Gao Jianping figure

Pacific direct purchase operation path

1 to create a shopping site.

2 to create a virtual currency PV, is used to lock the future of online shopping consumer electronic coupons, referring to the future profit, 1PV=7 yuan.

3 free registration for the direct purchase of membership, membership network shopping or pull others will get PV network shopping rebate points corresponding.

4 site ahead of profits out of the sale, and no limit. Members of the line to pay the deposit to buy PV to become a channel, high-level channel can be

will be in the hands of PV wholesale to low level channels, to obtain different grading bonuses.

5 in the line under the form of investment channels and other channels, the channel is divided into twelve levels, the need to pay margin ranging from $7000 to $70 million. Channel

bonus payment, the return of the deposit, accumulated points and other business practices through the website backstage operation.

6 wonderful life also provides loan services, the amount does not exceed the funds from the channel. For example: 175 thousand out of their own pocket, from the wonderful life loan 17.5

million, a total of 350 thousand to become a channel of the 3. Among them, 175 thousand of the annual interest rate of loans of $15% per month from the margin of more than 2600 yuan interest deduction to the wonderful life".

7 signed purchase PV contract and 15-45 days after the cooling off period, the deposit will not be refunded. Online shopping spending 200 thousand yuan to accumulate 1000PV, a normal network

purchase and consumption in 1000 to accumulate value of 350 thousand PV. In the meantime, the wonderful life every month from your 175 thousand yuan deposit interest deduction, deduction of

stop; at that time, you are still in arrears with the wonderful life of 175 thousand yuan of loans.

8 Pacific direct purchase will be the next one hundred years or even hundreds of years of profits (according to the current profit model of the site) in advance to take back, holding the money".

morning news reporter Zhou Shuwen Intern

since the advent of e-commerce in China in 1997, there is no one like the Pacific direct purchase of the official network, into such a huge legal dispute.

Inner Mongolia EVERGREAT lawyer Wu Ruixiang office has put a pile on the website of the complaint materials. In November last year, he had rushed to Shanghai from Inner Mongolia, holding these materials to find the Post reporter said, to expose the direct purchase of the Pacific scam, save those >