Domain name registrar GoDaddy website was counterfeit Beware of phishing stolen domain name

renamed Chinese ( September 23rd – the day before, a domain name investors broke the news, a domain name for phishing sites posing as domain registrar GoDaddy, induced by domain name investors on its website to the domain name expired in the name directly enter the GoDaddy username and password, in order to obtain user information stolen domain name.

According to the first broke the news, a phishing site sends a prompt domain name expired mail, click on the links provided requires investors to manually renew, because the message content and the jump of the web page is very similar with GoDaddy, careless investors will enter the GoDaddy user and password directly in easily phishing sites reveal your account information.


figure: phishing site

addition, after entering the account information, the phishing site will jump directly to the official website of the landing page GoDaddy, then enter the user name and password again, enter the official website is godaddy. Therefore, even if it is to steal account information, the user is unaware, but get the fishing website user information, you can blatantly to name all stolen domain name.


, the investors found the scam, and modify the password, not to suffer losses. Today, phishing sites are frequent, many consumers and users suffer many losses. In these sites, "fishing" grade is also more and more high, not only do the web page is very similar as like as two peas, domain name, easy to admit, such as and have only one word. Previously, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China is also frequently encountered phishing sites, such as and other domain names are often so that users mistakenly believe that ICBC

for such phishing sites, consumers and users have to be vigilant, recognize the domain name, beware of being fooled.