Know almost live on-line know how to make money almost know how to change the water

to know, the most concern of the majority of users is known is water, and all the people involved and Internet entrepreneurs are most concerned about, of course, is known how the problem of realization. In the third know almost salt club, CEO week source answered the second questions: do native advertising, build know almost live new features.


I guess the answer might be the first concern.


native advertising and know almost live

to know, the value of the platform there is of course content, because the content of connecting people with people, in the content acquisition section, known by the content gain the user’s attention, the end of the content provider, content created a big V, and the V is often a veteran a professional field, know the appeal will be shared with V.

The realization of

‘s attention is the most common advertising.

Zhou Yuan said that in the current era of consumer upgrades in the environment, more and more people need valuable information to help complete consumer decisions. Good advertising is the content that helps users make decisions by providing useful information. This is just another way of knowing how good it is to organize information into experience, knowledge and insights.

know of advertising has been very restrained, in addition to avoid all kinds of brush like and not normal phenomenon with the operation system platform is not Wukong, set a lot of advertising, advertising banner allows the user to shut down. Advertising is also aware of the distinction with other information, there will be obvious "promotion". But the content of the control is very strict, know almost daily launch "here is the advertisement column, is always a fresh and refined.

in the effort to focus on native advertising, know almost still in the choice of cooperation with the brand, with their own way to know the content of advertising. At the beginning of April has launched native advertising system developed independently, and the landing page display form to retain the greatest degree of native advertising elements needed, in addition to the "promotion", with little difference between the original look that page, and will not let the user play.


is currently working with almost brand

at the scene, we experienced a "know almost live", spent ten dollars.

"live" or entrance at the top known mobile phone home page, users need to audit by the application and become "sharing"; and then decide to initiate the time, in a separate Live around the topic of good voice answering and sharing. The audience will need to obtain eligibility to participate in the ticket, with the text of the form of AMA interaction with the guests.


" only needs to click on the questions raised by the audience