Baidu to respond to antitrust investigation refused to include some of the page without prejudice to

              Sina Francisco November 10th morning news, according to media reports of "Baidu antitrust investigation suffered" a day ago, Baidu has just sent an official statement, said Baidu will focus on user experience, to collect a few webpages, this has nothing to do with fairness or profit model.

"Legal Daily" published in 9 entitled "Baidu’s Chinese network antitrust investigation first" report, said enterprises to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for abuse of market dominance of Baidu antitrust investigation and impose a fine of 170 million yuan, with a "national medicine network website and Baidu the agent disputes as an example, according to the search engine industry business model is facing difficulties.

below is the full text of Baidu’s statement:

our day: user experience first

spam messages interfere with people’s lives, the Internet spam, spam, rogue software is also affecting people’s normal use of the network. Ranking on the search engine, you can have a huge commercial value, so a lot of garbage on the Internet breeding, the purpose is to gain business benefits through search engines. But these spam messages seriously affect people’s normal use of search engines.

‘s ability to deal with garbage information is the core competitiveness of the search engine. Baidu’s annual investment in the field of anti spam technology, more than the sum of the global Chinese search engine market. We have independent intellectual property rights in the field of politics, Chinese search has made some achievements, but we know that the search technology a little lax, users will leave us in a few seconds, so the day of Baidu is the first user experience.

is included in the search engine, regardless of the fairness of the search engine, and search engines have nothing to do with the profit model. Baidu will refuse to include a number of web pages, the only reason is only one: included in this information can not provide a good search experience for Baidu users. In addition, for technical reasons, the search engine can not ensure that all web pages included.

Baidu currently included Chinese Webpage tens of billions to calculate, if these pages of A4 paper to print out is connected to more than 100 laps around the earth. Search engine is facing the biggest technical problem is how to quickly find the information from the vast majority of users who need the page. However, due to the huge commercial interests, the growth rate of spam on the Internet is much higher than the value of the growth rate of the web. If the search engine can not win this technology war with spam, the search industry will be destroyed by spam.

we can not disclose the specific case in the media reports are Baidu search engine refused to be included, or because of technical reasons can not be temporarily restricted. In order to win the search engine and spam information technology war, search engines can not be disclosed to the public web pages included in the technical standards, because once the spam