The nternet nformation Office within two months of the P attack China network of tens of thousand

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 19 May, 19 U. S. Department of Justice announced the theft of so-called network sued 5 Chinese officers, this reporter interviewed the national Internet Information Office spokesman Chinese. The spokesman announced the latest data, the United States attack Chinese network to reporters, he said, the United States is the world’s largest network of QieMi, China also attacked the country’s top network.

spokesman said, the latest data Chinese National Internet Emergency Center, March 19th to May 18th this year, 2077 in the United States Trojan or botnet control servers, direct control of the territory of China about 1 million 180 thousand hosts.

found the monitoring center during the same period, 135 units in the United States hosts a 563 web site for the country’s fishing page, cyber fraud violations caused by about 14 thousand times, mainly phishing, fraud personal location information, personal data information and password information. Such behavior not only business QieMi, as well as Internet fraud, resulting in Chinese users suffered huge losses.

China National Internet Emergency Center also found that from March 19th to May 18th this year, 2016 IP in the United States on the territory of our country to build the back door of the 1754 sites, involving backdoor attacks about. The same period last year, the United States is also located in the first place, which is a naked cyber crime.


spokesman pointed out that in such a context, the United States on the grounds that the so-called network theft sued 5 Chinese officer, is groundless statement, purely make unfounded countercharges, zeihanzhuozei.

verified by our authorities for a long time, the United States of Chinese government departments, institutions, enterprises, universities, telecommunications backbone network for large-scale monitoring, attacks and intrusions, United States monitor actions involving Chinese leaders, ordinary Internet users, the majority of mobile phone users. China repeatedly made solemn representations to the US side, urged the United States to stop the wrong behavior. The United States has never made any apology to the Chinese people for its illegal acts, nor has it. Even the disclosure of the U.S. National Security Agency prism and monitoring plan in the United States Snowden, after being universally condemned, not only to read, but the accusations, it is the biggest joke in the world.

spokesman said that China is a staunch defender of network security, the Chinese government opposes any form of cyber crime, but also firmly opposed to groundless accusations against china. If the United States will continue to take measures to give China persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, and resolutely fight back.