A new technology that allows 10 times faster network coding!

Aalborg University, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Caltech company, jointly developed a developed mathematical operation based on Internet technology, making the network more adaptable, more intelligent, and finally let network data transmission up to 10 times faster! This technology greatly enhances the security of data transmission at the same time, is also connected to the 5G mobile network, provides a means of satellite transmission and networking.

TCP/IP protocol problems

data transmission on the Internet are encapsulated in the package, or into a group as a unit of digital information. The process of passing information to the end, and the format of these packages, is usually described by a set of protocols called TCP/IP. This technology is the product of the 70s of the last century. At that time, the birth of the internet protocol group, marking a major leap in technology, a complete revolution in the transmission of digital information. Now, forty years later, it is still the backbone of the Internet is built". However, although it is the most critical link, but it is not efficient, safe, flexible.

for example, in order to make the TCP data transmission successful, the person receiving the data needs to be sent in accordance with the order at that time, accurate to receive these digital packages". If there is a packet for some reason to lose, then this agreement will be regarded as the Internet is a signal of network congestion, the data transmission speed immediately dropped by half, then it picked up speed is very slow. The mechanism may be ideal in some cases, but in others it will be bad. The fundamental reason is that the internet protocol itself does not have enough intelligence to separate the next thing to do is the most correct choice. At the same time, although in theory, the digital packet can be from A to B are legends in infinite paths, but in fact, in a TCP connection, data transmission generally is taking the same path, this gives digital hackers an opportunity to facilitate their invasion into communication in your.

solution: network coding

solution to the above problem is not without. By the University of Aalborg (Denmark), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the formation of the Caltech R & D team has applied a new internet protocol, a substantial increase in speed. The technology is called "network coding". They are showing the video, download a 4 minute time than the mobile phone video, now the most advanced network environment to download 5 times faster! If the buffer is online to see it, no stagnation! The team led by Frank · (Frank Fitzek); fize grams said Professor interview when "made in our previous experiments, we used the technology of the.