Line the way to success to meet the desire for information, create a little fun

with the South Korean idol drama "from the stars you" hit, in addition to fried chicken and beer, chat software Line also because of the use of the goddess thousands Chung Yi shine, powder lot. In addition, Line PlAY (social games) and Line bubble dragon are also harvested ultra-high popularity, topped the list. Line’s strong momentum and rapid development have to make us think.


this also from iMode (NTT DoCoMo in February 1999 launched a wireless Internet service) talking about. Just pop in the mobile phone a dozen years ago, modern Japanese thinkers Azuma (then philosophy graduate) station in Shibuya before the statue of Hachiko found crossroads observation, some young people with a mobile phone signal in almost all do the same thing with the hand machine to confirm whether the message. It is based on this observation that the East is convinced that human beings have "information desire"".

Azuma said "desire for information" and the "West" is often said that "appetite", "sleep" sexual desire "," the same, it is a kind of important desire, this concept can be explained by the action of certain human behavior.

for example, the company wants to sell the underlying staff inquire president of new products, and to focus on aging president will go directly to ask important staff collected information. This means that humans are a kind of animal that wants to get the correct information quickly, and based on the principle of action (information desire), many human behaviors can be understood, and even can be predicted.

in addition, only 1 million of the funds for the iMode, the urgent need to provide services to meet the basic human desire to seek development. The history of this is clear to all of us.

now, the rapidly developing Line more rely on free communication and touch feeling and other advantages, but not only that, like iMode, only with the human nature, to meet the basic human desire, in order to win more long-term development.

April 2013, Line NHN from the Japan company own, prior to this, Line NHN Japan bear the development costs of the company has been committed to a little fun in daily life into a rich imagination and created by technology. This so-called "a little bit of fun" is the same as iMode and the use of "information desire", like the essence of human nature. People are not in the pursuit of a certain kind of high quality pleasure, but are more willing to take some time to pursue this instinct and even ignored the little fun. In this way, the rapid development of Line is also a matter of course, and even in the future is likely to go beyond national boundaries, growing.

Japan nowadays like Line App software development company in the development and be too numerous to enumerate, have also used a variety of means.