2010 small and medium-sized website forum website report released catch up from behind

in May 31, after a rapid and steady development in recent years, the community of & the forum has become a very influential internet field in China, an information publishing and media of community forum & already grown into China’s Internet in a strong media. According to the 2010 DCCI Netmonitor network monitoring data show that the & community forum website; field China Internet hot catch up from behind, in the field of fourth, second only to the integrated portal, search engine and network video, far more than the e-commerce sites.

as a typical application of Web2.0, the rapid development process of SNS community is still continuing. At the same time, the popularity of Internet users in China has reached a relatively high proportion. The portal, the traditional BBS forums and other types of sites, as well as capital markets, industry experts are optimistic about the prospects of SNS, and actively expand or invest in SNS services.

, however, SNS in the era of rapid development, but also faces increasingly fierce competition. Various types of SNS sites continue to emerge at the same time, but it is faced with the profit model to explore and obtain income to support the development of the problem. To fully understand the development status of the Internet site SNS / China channel, depth of insight, SNS mining development prospects, assisted SNS of all parties involved in the operation and marketing decisions, DCCI Internet data center and Internet community software and service provider (Comsenz), China Comsenz club owners jointly launched the "survey of small and medium-sized site operation in 2010 China Internet".

2/3 annual income of less than million yuan, highlighting the grim state of survival

A survey of the development of

DCCI Chinese Internet SNS, website revenue and profitability results show that in the surveyed owners, their website revenue accounted for 57.8%, and no revenue ratio of 42.2%, nearly 6 into the site to realize the income. The main source of revenue from advertising revenue, the proportion of up to 50.1%, followed by accounting for more than 12.7% of the game charge profit model, in addition, the site of e-commerce in the form of profit of 11.6%. Visible, advertising revenue is the main mode of the site, the other was interviewed by the profit model used by the rich and diverse, but not comparable with the advertising model.

small and medium site revenue to be further improved, 2/3 sites a year income of less than $10000. DCCI survey results show that 66.3% of the site was visited in 2009 full year revenue of less than $10 thousand, 17.8% of the site’s annual revenue of $-5 million in annual revenue of more than 100 thousand of the site is only $7.3%. The site is still grim situation, the site needs to be further improved.

Note: the report of the survey are used SNS software in China’s small and medium sized web site owners.


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