Zhou Hongyi mobile phone and search are two unavoidable war

may be a few decades later, critics will use such a tone to describe Zhou Hongyi (micro-blog): "Mr. Zhou Hongyi’s life is a battle of life……" Love one to many individual combat veterans of the nature, love the Internet aggressive tactics, when playing CS, so far the two – and 3721 Qihoo 360 company he founded, are filled with smoke, slobber and litigation in the course of development.

The birth of

micro-blog provides a new battlefield for Zhou Hongyi’s war talent. An Internet industry, said: Zhou Hongyi usually send the frequency of micro-blog is very low, once you find that he made the micro-blog frequency increased, that is to fight."

Every step of the expansion of the Qihoo 360

company layout, are accompanied by Zhou Hongyi micro-blog in a boisterous PR war. In the second half of this year, such a war, Zhou Hongyi hit two, one is on the phone, the other is the search. So far, he is invincible.

after a lapse of several months, by the voice of the economy ten anniversary, we work together to Cheung Kong and Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi once again conducted an in-depth interviews, the two important battles this year Zhou Hongyi carried out. In Zhou Hongyi’s eyes, what do these two battles mean?

to enter the mobile phone industry: touch the stone walk across the river to see

is the first mobile phone. In an interview with the voice of the economy, Zhou Hongyi recalled in May, the mobile phone war. At that time, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of micro-blog and millet, Lei Jun, a protracted war of words. War detonated the entire Internet, but also so that we are familiar with Zhou Hongyi’s fighting style.

Zhou Hongyi: mobile phone manufacturers must be consensual, I put the price he can not accept to give up, there is a more appropriate, because we are a mobile phone cooperation, rather than two virtual cooperation, will eventually have to implement the cooperation in the mobile phone. In turn, HUAWEI is doing their own software, in their own attempt, I feel very good. For me, I am not an empire, not a giant, I can not go monopoly, there are Tencent and Baidu in, I do not have this opportunity. I hope the market is more diverse, because diversity is a prerequisite for the healthy growth of ecosystems, so there are more mobile phone manufacturers are willing to come forward very good. I stick in the mobile phone on the line, I have two to do the best, it is safe, one is the market, can do this, it can also become a platform, so in the mobile phone industry, I think there are a variety of possible, so the mobile phone is still feeling the stones, walking to see.

of course, Zhou Hongyi into the mobile phone field, not the head choice, in fact, Libra Zhou Hongyi work very carefully. A mobile phone war, Zhou Hongyi think of half a year, and many manufacturers have negotiated the final choice of HUAWEI.

Zhou Hongyi: but there are many problems in the actual operation. Like a crocodile with tiger fighting in the mud to understand the tiger "