Taobao double crown sellers were destroyed due to selling cosmetics

food and Drug Administration yesterday informed the foreign, the Bureau of Longgang, the relevant departments jointly successfully dealt with using the Internet sales of counterfeit imported cosmetics dens, the scene seized labeled "IELTS Lauder", "Lancome", "Biotherm" fake international brands of skin care products, involving the value of about 500 thousand yuan, 5 people involved in the scene of the dens arrested by public security organs.

seized a variety of counterfeit well-known international brands of cosmetics

recently, Shenzhen Longgang food and Drug Administration Bureau received complaints from the masses, said in the Longgang Street South Science Park is a community Fangxing dens selling fake cosmetics.


task force after a period of time, after months of Mopai, determined the exact location of the dens and activities of the law.

task force to investigate the action in the morning of June 26th. The joint law enforcement team assigned two law enforcement officers and Fangxing science and technology park management office staff successfully enter the dens to routine check on the grounds, then a joint law enforcement team remaining personnel quickly enter, timely control the scene.

found a warehouse in the dens on the third floor of law enforcement personnel, filled with all kinds of shelves, filled with a variety of fake international brands of cosmetics with a plastic box on the shelf, these cosmetics packaging are only English logo, no logo Chinese. The scene of the dens responsible person is unable to provide the documents and inspection report approved the import of these cosmetics, can not explain the legitimate sources. In the four floor of the dens, law enforcement officers found a few computer network composed of a point of sale, also found a number of invoices and delivery orders.

the dens head of the confession, it is called "Hongkong rabbit purchasing" (micro-blog) store headquarters, they through the online shopping platform to the national sales of these "imported cosmetics", and has achieved a "double crown". Law enforcement officers were banned in the dens, the scene seized labeled "IELTS Lauder", "Lancome", "Biotherm" 11 fake international brands of cosmetics more than 5000 bottles, involving the value of about 500 thousand yuan.

at present, the case has been involved in the investigation of public security departments.

foreign server

domestic selling fake brand name

June 20th, the Luohu Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade received the municipal market supervision bureau Luohu clues that someone in the Alibaba (micro-blog), Taobao and other sites selling fake international brands such as necklaces, earrings, the brand Gucci, involving Chanel, Tiffany, Thomas etc..

Economic Investigation Brigade immediately together with relevant departments, set up a task force, to carry out in-depth investigation to grasp after the case, the point of sale in Luohu Taibai Road, building two Songquan villa vefour operating point. At the same time, the police also mastered the production of its manufacturers located in Longgang dutch.

sales points involving fake brand jewelry 100 thousand

June 28th morning, Luohu police joint market regulators soldiers >