n 2008 Chinese software development forum held in the end of this month

According to

webmaster network reporter was informed in 2008 China software development forum, the meeting will be held at the end of the month, the details are as follows

Objective: to strengthen the

meeting between the software enterprises, software enterprises and Industry Association exchange show the latest outstanding software products, the selection of new and outstanding software products in the future development trend of software review show excellent software project 08 software development experience, to promote the software innovation exchanges and cooperation.

organizer: CSDN software technology community, China Military Software Park, Jiangsu County People’s government,,

co organizer: Tencent.com software download channel. Channel IT168 channel PChome Software Software Channel Pacific computer network china.com software download channel channel of sina Sohu download channel

support media

Tencent network Sohu Sina computer users

world Admin5 webmaster network

conference form

invited the industry’s leading software experts and experts to the press conference presentation project show, as well as round table in the form of the latest products, exchange views, discuss industry trends and trends. The whole session was about 7 hours, two on the afternoon.


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