Ali on the eve of the PO valuation is still undecided lock lock live staff

[Abstract] many employees in addition to holding shares of Alibaba group, many people also hold small and micro financial shares. Alibaba group is equivalent to the use of a chain lock live staff.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 17th

Alibaba group has entered the IPO before the silent period. Compared to the past year, frequent high-profile acquisitions, the last month of Alibaba group is no longer large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment activities, it seems very low-key.

Ali group around the topic of discussion in the continuation of the listing. Just yesterday, YAHOO announced a new agreement with Alibaba group, the largest number of shares sold in the Alibaba group IPO when the original plan to reduce the number of shares to 140 million shares from to 208 million.


the reason is very simple, this allows YAHOO to benefit from YAHOO CEO, and to Meijer’s revival plan to win more time, because a Alibaba’s stock, investors will be able to hold YAHOO shares for longer periods of time.

The Alibaba

group will be listed before their valuation to $130 billion, but the final valuation is still uncertain, it has also become brokers and fund are most concerned about the topic, may face a $20 billion financing cake, brokers and fund have been eager for a fight.

with the listing of Alibaba group, Alibaba will be the birth of hundreds of thousands of millionaires, however, the entire Alibaba group relatively calm inside. A group of Alibaba staff pointed out that many Alibaba employees except the group’s stock held by the Alibaba, many people still hold the small micro financial stake in Alibaba group is equivalent to using a chain lock lock live staff.

anchaoyongdong Ali IPO before trading frequent

a long time ago, Alibaba group’s stock can be transferred internally. With the listing of Alibaba approaching, many Alibaba Group employees have sold their holdings of shares of Alibaba group.

in March this year, WeChat circle of friends there are businesses outward for $65 a share price to sell 15000 shares of Alibaba’s stock, businesses in the sale of reason that a Alibaba’s been friends for a long time in the company, to the age of money.

in addition to the Alibaba Group employees, surrounded by a group of people interested in the sale of shares. This group of people to sell the stock is clearly not just a lack of money so simple, more importantly, if you do not sell it may take 4 years to cash, many people can not carry so long.

, another reason is that in terms of $65 a share, the valuation of the Alibaba of nearly $150 billion, is not low, many employees worry about the stock market performance of Alibaba group like B2B company listed in Hongkong, the share price highs, and a downturn.

in fact, until June of this year, Alibaba group self valuation, its value is only $40 to $50