Another P2P platform lost on foot claiming to have a background of Tsinghua University Peking

lead: it is understood that, as of the end of 7, a total of 258 in Shenzhen P2P net loan platform company, accounting for 20.11% of the total, a total of 22 in Shenzhen P2P net loan platform bankruptcy run away".


investors are currently concentrated in the field of credit crisis occurred in Shenzhen platform or accounted for 30%

yesterday, a P2P platform in Shenzhen and Guangdong Toshimichi appeared lost contact, suspected run away, although the total amount of no statistics investor losses, but there are also some people invested 200 thousand yuan, including pension money home for the elderly. It is understood that, as of the end of 7, a total of 258 P2P net loan platform company in Shenzhen, accounting for about 20.11% of the country’s total, Shenzhen, a total of 22 P2P net loan platform bankruptcy foot".

in Guangdong

claimed to have Tsinghua Beijing University background

Guangdong Shenzhen Litong since September or to run away the first P2P platform, the platform can not open the site, QQ service offline, the phone can not be switched on. According to the data of the Shenzhen market supervision and administration of commercial credit information platform, P2P platform, Guangdong Lee Tong Shenzhen Li Tong Guangdong Investment Limited, at, a company incorporated in March 6, 2014, corporate King Chang, the company registered in Shenzhen city of Futian District sea Zhuzilin four home 28F Residence Du Commerce, the registered capital of only 1 million yuan. However, according to the reporter’s field investigation, this address is a residential area, there is no office and office space exists.

but previous information on this platform is very gorgeous, at the beginning of the line, a website published the advertisement says, "Guangdong Toshimichi: P2P finance industry safe and efficient train".

the platform even said that he has a high-quality, professional, honest management as the responsibility of the management team. The core team mainly from Peking University, University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University and other famous universities, the team adhering to the world as the university spirit and the social commitment of the University motto.

such slogans unrealistic, but some investors did not hinder incoming, understand according to the reporter, a Shanxi investors with a total investment of 210 thousand yuan, is currently the largest amount known to investors, he said there already, including the elderly pension and friends of the loan, in the face of Guangdong Lee Tong’s lost contact, he has no feeling way to go". The investor that had already seen Guangdong Lee Tong joined Baidu (227.45, 2.65, 1.18%) credibility V certification, to believe in this platform. According to Baidu’s reputation V rules, in addition to V website fraud can be full compensation. But the reporter saw, the Guangdong Toshimichi site does not Baidu credibility V certification.

is currently concentrated in the field of investors, investors have invested 28 thousand yuan in Zhejiang local report, the police temporarily not