Groupon acquisition of mobile application developers Kima Labs

February 19th news, according to foreign media reports, Groupon has acquired mobile application developers Kima Labs, the specific terms of the transaction has not yet been announced. Just a few hours ago, there is news that Groupon acquired another mobile startups Hyperpublic. This suggests that Groupon is increasingly focused on the mobile sector to promote future growth.

Kima Labs is a barcode scanning application Barcode Hero and mobile payment applications TapBuy developers. Hyperpublic major development of location technology.

Barcode Hero’s website confirmed that Kima Labs has been acquired by Groupon, and said it would close its service on Monday (February 20th). This means that the user will not be able to download the Barcode and Hero applications, existing users can download their own data before March 16th.

as for TapBuy, it is still not clear whether its service will change: TapBuy’s website still does not mention the acquisition, it is speculated that its users will be able to continue to use the services provided.

is similar to Groupon, TapBuy group purchase transactions, partners about 100 Torgovnik brand. It also uses the credit card information provided by the user to deal with the transaction, and provide some useful information for the group and additional discounts and other services.

Kima Labs by Blake · skul (Blake Scholl) and Jansen · Crawford (Jason Crawford) was founded, focusing on mobile shopping. Skul and Crawford have in the Amazon and other companies engaged in e-commerce, skul has confirmed the news of the acquisition.

Chief engineer

Kima Labs Andrew · (Andrew Miner); Mina was also a former Amazon employees. He led the Amazon Global (Amazon) team, responsible for promoting Amazon and its business partners in international sales services. For those who are vigorously exploring the international market, Groupon, Kima Labs these backgrounds make this acquisition has extraordinary significance.

Kima Labs won many well-known investors, including Ravi Kanter of Navarre · (Naval Ravikant), Ron · (Ron Conway), Conway; Erwin · Natta (Owen Van Natta), as well as strategic investment from the "Washington Post" company.

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