Electricity supplier shopping platform meters net announced DG million A round of investment

at noon on January 6th news, electricity supplier shopping guide website meter net officially announced the completion of the A round of financing, the investor is IDG capital, the amount of financing in the tens of millions of dollars. IDG, Zhang Lianglun, founder and CEO, said the investment in the year has been finalized, the current funds have all been in place.

Zhang Lianglun said, meters off the network is a focus on the electricity supplier shopping guide platform online shopping website to save money, the monthly sales in more than 1 hundred million, of which eleven double day for Taobao and other business cooperation with sales by 50 million. At present, there are millions of buyers of folding network users, every day hundreds of thousands of active buyers in the use of rice folding network services.

meters folding network was founded in August 2011, the founding team mainly from Alibaba, CEO Zhang Lianglun, the former head of the Alibaba shop. Currently the main business, including rebate coupons, group purchase and shopping share, has been with Taobao, Tmall, Dangdang, shop No. 1 mall has established cooperation.

said Zhang Lianglun for the financing plan, meters off the network has maintained a good profit and cash flow, and the financing will be used primarily for personnel construction, the company’s product development and new business development.