Today’s first talk about the electricity supplier strategy shopping guide to its own mall


] April 17th news billion state power network, read the information App today’s headlines on the front for the first time to billion state power network introduces its business planning and its business platform "on sale today". Taobao guest based transformation of its own mall, clothing and shoes online flash purchase, new starting platform, the media business play…… In addition to the initial shopping guide electricity supplier, today’s headlines want to try the road is still quite a lot.

today sale business leader Li Mengru said, today’s headlines began preparations for business from April and May last year, officially launched in July, presented in a shopping guide mode, goods are oriented Taobao, today’s headlines is mom mobile end cross shop settlement is one of the highest authority of Taobao customers. After the 2014 double eleven, today’s headlines sale started its own store transformation, opened Alipay, WeChat to pay two payment.


noted billion state power network, billion state power network noted that current headlines today business has two entrance: one is the precise push, today’s headlines will through the algorithm recommendation mechanism, the sale channel recently pushed to browse and buy over the sale of goods users; two is independent of the mall entrance. The mall entrance is included in the sale, lottery tickets, movie tickets three channels.

sale channels include "products" and "special offer" novelty "library" "hot" and "brand" and many other commodity classification, covering clothing, digital, home textiles, food and cosmetics and many other categories, there are about 1000 online sales of clothing footwear bags and other products, the price is relatively low. In addition, the sale channel also added "evaluation" channel, try from today’s headlines from the media content to the commodity category is mainly back, mobile phone and other intelligent hardware products.

"we will try to choose the user decision time and buy a higher conversion rate of the season, the public must goods, investment is also in this direction, the sales platform is the hottest men and women’s clothes, shoes, bags, food and the digital category, most business cooperation is to find their own home, as at present, the cooperation of the business has exceeded 10000." The person in charge to billion state power network introduced to.

today’s headlines official said that today’s headlines electricity supplier turnover is 80% in the headlines to complete the internal system to pay, do not need to jump to Taobao Tmall. At the same time, part of the low profit category, today’s headlines will continue to maintain Taobao customer mode cooperation.

addition to the transformation of its own mall, today’s headlines as well as their own intention to create a new platform for the first. According to Li Mengru introduction, today’s headlines from the beginning of December last year, a new line of fast start project, the number of products released from the day’s 1 new technology, and now almost every day 2-3 new.

Li Mengru said that today’s headlines will be the most talked about topics in the industry, the lack of new products, new starting point, the maximum value of today’s headlines to play the media attributes, so that users can see that you can buy". Up to now, today’s headlines with millet, Meizu, >