The check of the network marketing mode of 2014 apparel industry which is stronger

how to carry out the marketing of clothing brand, has been a long – term challenge in the apparel industry. With the rising domestic promotion costs, the domestic clothing enterprise marketing cost is also rising. In addition, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the domestic apparel industry how to find the most suitable for their own brand characteristics of the marketing approach, but also the domestic apparel industry marketers quite a headache.

in the last year of the apparel industry, the volatility of the clothing market, the industry is like a "big entertainment marketing" like Bosideng successfully build brand image, there are as many clothing brands struggle and apparel brand promotion plan of enterprise. In short, with the advent of the era of rational consumption of domestic consumers to buy clothing, will consider more clothing brand reputation. All these require clothing brand marketing plan appears miraculous, to create a more distinctive brand image.

in the domestic apparel industry, to invite well-known star as a brand spokesperson brand marketing, has long been a common domestic apparel brand marketing. The use of high-profile star to become a brand spokesperson, can attract the star’s loyal fans to become its brand consumers. There is a word in the domestic apparel market, that is, fans have the world. However, many domestic brands have invited the star as a spokesperson, the real star fans into brand fans brand of clothing, but very few.

as the domestic apparel industry in recent years the rapid development of leisure clothing brand, Semir brand "Hallyu star spokesperson matrix" is attracting many domestic fans and marketing tool. Semir clothing brand image is now the Chinese people including the most familiar Korean stars, including Lee Min Ho, Kim Su Hyon, Li Zhongshuo and the man of god. These fans call a powerful star, causing domestic consumers for Semir clothing continued attention.


This does not meet the marketing plan of Semir

pure competition fan appeal, through continuous attention of consumers brand influence and maintenance of brand image, realize consumers Semir brand apparel continued attention and brand loyalty.

entertainment star aura effect, is a lot of clothing brands to invite them as a clothing brand reasons. Clothing brand by inviting fans to call a powerful star, as a brand spokesperson, in order to stimulate these extraordinary consumer spending fans. Semir clothing consider continue to invite popular Hallyu star in depth, not just fancy their simple stimulus spending, deep consideration to enhance its apparel brand awareness.

The connotation of

Semir group is well versed in domestic fan culture, in the clear positioning of the brand image, strengthen the cooperation of fashion and entertainment. Of course, Semir clothing, has become the practice of the domestic apparel industry fans economic development model example. The future of the apparel industry will continue to deepen the depth of cooperation with the stars of the genre, the future we will also see more clothing >