Teach you to add order, appointment, registration, complaints and feedback in the WeChat public numb

now many enterprises and organizations have their own public number, but most of them only to send a message, the message that the user is very offensive, but also not very good and user interaction. Today, I would like to share with you how to use the form master in which to add orders, appointments, registration, complaints, feedback and other functions.

form master (http://s.jsform.com) is an online application form, through a simple drag and drop can quickly create various Web forms, such as online orders, satisfaction survey and various registration form and feedback form, application form, registration form etc.. Form master will also provide a web site for each form (URL), only need to set this URL WeChat custom menu URL can be seamlessly connected to the two. Next to an online order, for example, the way to teach you to step by step integration.

form master can create any simple Web form

1, create a form, named "farmer orchard fruit supermarket". At the same time, in the form of the product field, and improve product description and price information, but also can be added to the delivery address, telephone and other fields.

simple drag and attribute settings that can be released commodity

2, save the form, in the release tab to find this form only URL (URL) and copy.

each form has a unique link address (URL)

3, enter your WeChat service number background system, create a custom menu, and the menu is set to jump to the page, in the pop-up dialog box paste just copy the url.

4, repeat the above 1-4 steps, you can create other forms (such as booking, registration, complaints, feedback, etc.), and finally look at the effect of it.

5, at the same time the form of the master also collected data provides a powerful management, analysis of the export function.

powerful report designer, you can fill in the form of data for custom graphical analysis

all data support export

is not very simple, without any computer expertise can also be completed.