Peng Zhijie Research on the localization of electronic commerce

e-commerce in recent years can be said to be popular in the China on both sides of the Changjiang River from Taobao’s popular, to the success of the Jingdong, and then to the old energy-saving, a successful model of electronic commerce seems to people suggest that the success of electronic commerce, and the local electronic commerce is to solve the goods customer service. A series of problems such as logistics cost and integrity. As a local portal site and a powerful profit model, what are the advantages of local e-commerce.

e-commerce localization services are mainly three levels of meaning

1, sales process localization

local network in order to better understand the needs of local customers, local customers can be more assured of online shopping, like the line to buy things, it is not the same as the online shopping more convenient, more convenient.

2, logistics localization

local service center can be directly to the local distribution company management, which requires the quality of service. What is more important is to the customer can return the timely processing, the logistics cost is greatly reduced, the user reputation is greatly improved.

3, after-sales service localization

The biggest problem of

online shopping is a matter of integrity, because it is not face to face transactions, customers are very concerned about how to deal with the quality problem, especially for digital goods, also need time for testing, the establishment of the local service center can dispel the concerns of customers. Customers can directly contact the local service center on the issue of goods, service center will be sent to solve the problem according to the situation.

"e-commerce localization services" effectively solve the problem of the integrity of the network consumption, but also to provide customers with good service. As a new attempt, has caused many business concern, by the vast number of consumers enthusiasm! It seems that the development space of local e-commerce is quite large, it’s believed that the local portal webmaster are considering a considerable space, believe that each party portal webmaster are under consideration.