Network promotion no effect Do you really promote it

do network friends are aware of the importance of network promotion, whether it is the webmaster, or the owner of Taobao, or enterprises are inseparable from the network promotion. However, I believe that most people find that the network promotion is not effective. Why。 Listen to Shao Lianhu blog today to talk about the network promotion in my eyes.

what is the network promotion?

Baidu Encyclopedia: website promotion is based on the Internet, the use of information and network media to achieve the goal of interactive marketing to achieve a new type of marketing. The common way to promote communication is mainly realized by buying such ads and so on in business promotion services in major websites, including free website promotion: SEO website optimization content or framework to enhance the site in the search engine rankings, released information on the forum, blog, micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms, in other popular platform released outside the site links.

Shao Lianhu personal understanding: network promotion is to use a variety of platforms on the network, to promote their goods or services out, so that more people see, in order to achieve the transaction, or to achieve a certain purpose.

most people in the eyes of the network promotion

actually, a lot of people do not understand the network promotion, do not know what the network promotion methods. Like so much in the micro business, think to sellers, recruit agents, have released WeChat products in the circle of friends, think of ways to use WeChat with every day. Even if you WeChat plus a lot of people, it can be said that the effect is not good, because WeChat is not suitable for advertising.

there are some people think that the network promotion is SEO. They believe that as long as the site’s original name to do up the site does not worry about the flow of. Every day is to do outside the chain, check the site included, find links, do anchor text. In fact, SEO is just a way to promote the network, and SEO is not suitable for all sites.

some people think that network promotion is posting, every day in some forum, top stick. However, after all, the number of a forum is limited. Even if there are thousands of people in a forum every day, but there are a few people can see your posts. A forum popularity again, not necessarily all in. For example, like some local forums, places, etc. can be promoted.

these days I feel like I am a lot of people, every day is to contribute an article, the article published a number of platforms on it. Fixed this promotion every day, people or those people, I feel I am too limited to the promotion of the day. We should use a variety of ways to promote, so that more people see.

network promotion in my eyes

when I was in contact with the network, at that time only know to use mass software. However, the software is not working, and other network promotion methods I do not understand. Later, I study with a teacher SEO, he arranged for me to work every day, using a variety of ways to promote.

had heard of the net before