People’s Daily micro business is not outside the law to allow the circle of friends to defraud

source: People’s daily Chen Bin

Operators and consumers

circle of friends should enhance the awareness of the law, not the virtual network, disguised as the law of "safe harbor"

micro business monthly million, to create wealth myth ", with the popularity of social software platform, the use of circle of friends to do business" derivative "are also gradually fast. Purchasing, distribution, direct and flexible business promotion, rely on friends, let the micro business has become the new trend of people earn extra money part-time. But at the same time, the "derivative" violated the law, disputes often heard the news. With the social attributes of the sales model, unconditional access to the market, the lag of law enforcement supervision, so that micro business compared with the traditional e-commerce platform, more uncertainties and legal risks.

at the moment, the traditional sales platform has matured, market access, internal regulatory mechanisms and reputation evaluation mechanism is relatively complete, the new brand promotion, breakthrough difficulty can be imagined. However, WeChat, represented by the rise of mobile social software, gave the market a new choice. No cost, not limited by industry, and interpersonal relationship of synchronous communication and other advantages, make the micro business in the public business, national innovation under the background of the times, the public’s favorite.

when the micro business rapid development, the pace of legal perfection is somewhat lagging behind. Depending on the operating behavior of social software in the end what is the nature of social networking platform? The company should bear the legal responsibility for the purchase of goods through the circle of friends? How to safeguard their rights? The unclear legal status, lack of supervision, resulting in the circle of friends in chaos: selling and selling fake, can not return, so that people can not help but sigh "rights difficult but also happy to be a friend." purchasing; illegal business, tax evasion, information leaks and other network crime let the public increasingly anxious; network trick prostitute, phishing, network dissemination of pornographic material is completely occupied so that the circle of friends. When the network economic crime gradually by civil cases to the development trend of criminal cases, the circle of friends will eventually evolve into chaos problems endangering network economic order.


network is not outside the law enclave, circle of friends is not the paradise. The "derivative" chaos eventually need the law to regulate the legal relationship, social software in the formation of legal need to fill the seats. No matter where you do business, in the street, on the network, in the circle of friends, should be regulated by legal norms, should abide by the principle of honesty, have the obligation to create a healthy and orderly market environment.

"Internet plus" to open a door of entrepreneurial innovation, but it is not the way to escape, escape the supervision of law. A complete market economic order must include all economic activities in the rule of law, the law is not only to protect the legitimate economic behavior, but also against the economic order of illegal and criminal acts. "Electronic data" has become a form of legal evidence, network orders, chat, e-mail and other information can be used as a criminal evidence, which provides a strong legal guarantee for the fight against Internet crime.