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today, "Indoorsman", "Indoorswoman" has become obsolete. The popular winter winter vacation is "Indoorsman" upgrade edition "male bed". Compared to the "home" of the house, "quilt" is a nest in bed, or lying or to side or by sitting or lying or inverted position, holding books bubble forum, or for the movie seed seed, and of course essential activities — they often finger online shopping, more than Indoorsman dependence network and online shopping. What is the online shopping hot spawned a "blanket man", or "blanket man" become the backbone of the family of online shopping? The chicken and egg problem may not be too clear.

2009 is the electronic commerce is booming, bullish year. According to statistics, the domestic third party CNZZ data show that the electronic commerce rapid growth in 2009, total transactions in 2008 more than 2 times, the electronic commerce sites reached 1.56 million visitors, an increase of 61.29%, of which B2C sites continue to rise, visitors reached 246 million. The tiger is coming, all kinds of enterprises with the e-commerce is look at fiercely as a tiger does Maoyou big fat. This is a picture of "new faces" recently can bring enough money, remains to be seen.

video website self profit haven

in the "bed" male "favorites, there will be several online video sites. From the TV series to a variety of programs, just enough bandwidth will be able to enjoy free, one of the essential activities that become their "bed".

recently discovered, PPLive days ago in the official website officially launched a new "PP shopping street" sub channels, users can buy cosmetics, women’s clothing, fashion clothing brand in the channel in a variety of products. According to reports, the company is still in the field of electronic commerce in the water test stage, PPLive will be taken in the future and the third party cooperation in the operation of e-commerce websites.

in the past year, the domestic video industry lawsuit disputes, many manufacturers add strength makes the cost of network television drama copyright soaring, the traditional video sites formed of pressure. In this case, a single advertising model seems to be difficult to maintain the normal operation of the video site, these companies are forced to explore new profit model. In order to obtain a new growth point, while avoiding the risk of piracy, the video website video website: agree without prior without previous consultation has a huge number of users, why don’t you have accumulated a lot of popularity into e-commerce


in fact, PPLive is not the first video site involved in e-commerce. 2009, 56 nets and Youku network and Taobao have established cooperation, opened the video site into e-commerce curtain. And PPLive directly to build a shopping channel is different, the two sites continue to adhere to the video in the video mode. In accordance with the agreement, Taobao shop seller every month to pay a certain fee to Taobao, you can use the video display of the products sold, the resulting costs will be >