Wanda will open online mall trying to break the plight of the line

is currently under the impact of the traditional line of Wanda sales industry is now the impact of the electricity business, retail sales fell, so Wanda realized that it is imperative to set up an online mall to counter the current depressed market.

e-commerce menacing



online mall, making day non-stop, for various reasons, discount, the emergence of various group purchase plus the traditional department stores, is to have enemies in front and rear. To buy an electronic products, for example, the buyer’s choice is this. Like doing department stores accounted for only 4.6% of the share, compared to the share of online shopping mall, or far.

e-commerce in the face of such explosive growth of the market impact, and menacing, carve up the market, so many traditional department chiefs have the test of electronic commerce. As an outstanding representative of traditional enterprises, Wanda is not willing to lag behind the electricity supplier, do not want to face the end of the market mature backward. Now Wanda think of the time to know the only line of the giant to actively enter the line, to achieve the perfect combination of the two, in order to have their own e-commerce era.

traffic decreased by


Wanda Department store, one of the shops

on the splendid commodity, and the flow of people is scanty. Wanda as a collection of large business group business center, hotels, business management, sales of property, theaters and cultural and other formats, also have to admit that traffic is suffering from the impact of online shopping mall, since this year the growth rate of people from two digits down to single digits, the single guest consumption amount decreased rapidly. The shop will also reduce shops. Because now Taobao, Jingdong is booming, do not need to rent shop, shop costs relative to store cost is relatively low, the price of the same goods in the online store than in the store a lot cheaper, more than the usual consumption crowd class family are busy at work, go to the store to buy more time, for the convenience of online shopping and the price is cheap, it has become the main choice, Wanda also leads to less traffic poor.

how to regain the old style?

high-profile marketing earn eyeball

Wanda today’s high-profile move attracted spectators. Because never stop electricity supplier in this piece of rivers and lakes, Wanda’s electricity supplier business for how to development is not mature, not to mention to Wanda electricity supplier integration IT system, personnel, logistics, marketing, customer service and other services five business difficulty as can be imagined. But Wanda now throws a high annual salary to attract talent, attracted the attention of the public. This high-profile marketing approach, enough to attract a fresh look at buyers

retail, a combination of online and offline is king

Wanda such a large company, there are so many retail resources, currently only a single line, and