Business Shanghai part of the department store to become a dressing room


comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Shanghai in February 17, is located in the northwestern suburbs of Shanghai Jiading District, recently broke a big upset: in 2012 the region’s e-commerce B2C (business to customer) turnover accounted for the Shanghai consumer e-commerce transaction volume 1/3, growth rate and size of more than traditional glamour". At the same time, Shanghai department store sales have been the first negative growth since 2010. The rise of e-commerce is quietly changing the city’s inherent business layout.

online shopping to change the business landscape

in recent years, Jiading District has attracted Shanghai Jingdong mall, Newegg, VANCL, many well-known business enterprise. 2012, Jiading District e-commerce enterprises achieved a total turnover of 35 billion 640 million yuan, an increase of (over last year) of 53%.

"the Internet of the region, to the outskirts of the development of business has brought unprecedented opportunities." Jiading District mayor Ma Chunlei said that one of the main business support is the intelligent logistics and warehousing system, and in this international metropolis Shanghai, the center city often have no extra space, this is precisely the suburb development space.

B2C giant Jingdong Mall East China headquarters in 2011 settled in Jiading, when it achieved sales of about 7000000000 yuan, in 2012 increased to about $15 billion, contributing $about 70000000 tax.


mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong is currently Jiading investment to build Asia’s largest intelligent logistics center – Asia one, is expected to be completed in the end of 2013, will support 30 billion yuan a year -400 billion in sales.

e-commerce is changing the traditional business Chinese layout: 2012 Taobao, Tmall "double eleven" promotion day sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan; Zhejiang and Yiwu was little-known village Qingyan Liu village, gathered from various provinces and cities of the more than 2 thousand Taobao sellers, was named "the first village of Taobao Chinese"……

In addition

, Alipay 2012 national annual statement shows that in 2012, the four line of the city Chinese payment online subscribers grew 64%, 68% growth in the amount of online payment, the growth rate was more than a second tier city.

traditional shopping malls become the dressing room


in the retail network of Sturm und Drang at the same time, the traditional store growth performance is somewhat powerless.

Shanghai commercial information center before the date of publication of the monitoring data: in 2012 the city’s 55 stores total sales of 30 billion 500 million yuan, down 1.1%, appeared negative growth for the first time since 2010.

In 2012

, Shanghai department store store sales of 20 total sales 23 billion 410 million yuan, down 0.2%, 11 stores declined to different degrees, the number is obviously more >