Strategic force Jingdong in 618 buried many financial foreshadowing


traditional electricity supplier development today, from simple to sell electricity, electricity providers, finance, logistics, integrated payment as the carrier of a comprehensive online sales, finance, payment platform, and for the mainstream business, how to do electric business based on the financial, improve the user activity and stickiness, also become a necessary stage in the development of the electricity supplier.

from the development track of the electricity supplier, today’s electricity supplier is no longer so pure, but to the composite and cross, how after the era of electricity supplier business platform development, from the Jingdong group model can get more reference. After the listing, through a series of cooperation in the interests of shareholders, Jingdong group has now passed the electricity supplier, finance, logistics, the three backbone network towards the era of the transformation of the electricity supplier.

Jingdong business dismantling: not just electricity supplier

3C started as a home appliance store by Jingdong, Jingdong group layout, product and business of Jingdong financial group to enhance cooperation in the financial services business to its own ecosystem in the B and C end customers, and then through the means of payment for online banking wallet to achieve the two ends of the link of financial services, is actually on the business idea of financial platform in the expansion of internal trading activity. Electricity supplier industry chain, is not an isolated, broken component, but a system, a ring buckle the overall business process. Purchase from suppliers, to the products to the platform shelves, business description, customer purchase, payment and logistics, including financing for suppliers and end customers and consumer financial services, under the trend of development of Internet technology and big data, business, logistics and finance between the degree of integration in deepening.

May 22nd, Jingdong listed on the Nasdaq, listed assets, including its Jingdong mall group, Jingdong financial group, pat Network, overseas business division of the 4 part of the business architecture.

can be seen from the financial business of Jingdong, is an inseparable part of cooperation, as the strong support of Jingdong’s main business, financial Jingdong will become a good derivative services, improve the platform of electricity consumption stickiness through financial services, and the establishment of financial service system of its own.

Jingdong strategic force: financial four in one

6.18 is the annual promotion of Jingdong mall Festival, this year’s feature is that Jingdong will continue to launch in the WeChat, mobile QQ and Jingdong mobile client on the 1 billion red universal grab activities. The logic behind it is that Jingdong mall will be through close coordination with the finance of Jingdong, through a combination of business processes and products, adjust the structure, to achieve the financial relying on the electricity supplier to the electricity supplier for the financial framework of Ecology:

financial Jingdong consists of four parts: Supply Chain Finance (product: Beijing baby), consumer finance (Jingdong (IOUS), online banking online banking wallet payment tool), business platform (small Treasuries). Jingdong mall