Alibaba platform to push independent B2C good name on the line

news December 27th Alibaba announced that it would launch a "no good" service, service object is the Alibaba service integrity quality membership fee, the purpose is to offer fast recommendation to Taobao buyers, while helping to breed its own brand mall seller. At present, the site page shows the upcoming opening.

Alibaba said unknown good products Mall ( is a Alibaba, Taobao in joint creation of a comprehensive shopping mall, located in the commodity marketing, the rapid preferential commodity recommended to Taobao buyers, sellers and help mall bred its own brand, similar to offline stores, large supermarkets, to ring good product unified image to consumers, standardize business products and service standards.

Alibaba stressed that, unlike the Taobao mall and the market is not good name does not require access to the brand, while the introduction of an independent traffic, accelerate the development of retail business businesses.

Alibaba, said the launch of the good name of the company based on B2B data statistics, some customers in addition to B2B business, but also the needs of B2C services. In order to prevent the occurrence of the client object coverage of the fault, Alibaba launched the unnamed good".

at present, the first batch of unknown good settled in an annual fee of 2980 yuan / year, and the need to pay $1000 / store margin. In addition, the technical service fee will be in accordance with the "technical service rates table" after the success of each transaction by the system unified real-time buckle.

it is reported that the unknown good product for the first time only 2500 Alibaba closed investment invitation TrustPass members settled, currently proposed opened in January 6, 2011, the latest opening time does not exceed January 15th.