.asia domain name value geometry

from the ".Asia" domain name registration period has become increasingly closer, the domain name registrar of the domain name also carried out pre registration activities. A variety of ".Asia" domain name can be described as dazzling.

domain names are registered by the Overture cited relevant statistics:

"with" Asia "word search than the word" EU "contains more than 20 times more than the" Europe "more than 5 times."

this information is a fact, but also a specific analysis of specific issues.

Comparison of

Eu and Europe words:

Eu and Europe are representative to Europe, just a short. According to the individual and more Chinese people seem to be the two words are the same, no one who is more than just a more concise.

and Overture data in the word why Eu will be more than the word Europe personally think that the reason lies in the European and American people can understand the whole word. The Eu – Europe in the domain and in some industries, and Eu more meaning are explained in the dictionary query:



[element] europium (europium) symbol

is said to have the domain name and some industries are not familiar with European and American Internet users to understand the Eu mean element (Europium) and non European (Europe), so there will be a "Europe" – more than Eu words so many reasons.

Comparison of

Eu and Asia words:

Asia is the representative of Asia, Asia is not a word – Asia, also it is easier to be understood by the people of Europe and the United states.

why are Asia words more than Eu and Europe word statistics,


personally think that a very simple reason is that many people. The population of Asia is much larger than that of Europe and the United States, and the huge population makes a huge amount of search.

".Asia" domain name business opportunities

".Asia" domain name with respect to all kinds of domain names (such as.Com.cn,.Cn,.Cc) can be described as a slightly higher level, and for the international top-level domain (such as.Com,.Net,.Org) and some low grade. That is, between the international top-level domain name and the country’s top-level domain name, is a regional domain name, the current network of domain names only.Eu,.Asia. So ".Asia" domain and.Eu domain comparison value only.

it is well known that the difference between the EU countries is not large, it can be said that the European countries have established a perfect alliance, English can be used in many European countries, many times more like