Express price service quality is king competition

started from the Mid Autumn Festival National Day a few days before the network rumors in the courier industry "EMS price 6" news, immediately aroused great concern in the industry, let many people guess whether the courier industry price war sounded drums? However, the recent news that the EMS customer service center to show that EMS now has not issued a notice of price cuts, the price of the electronic commerce field seems to be just hearsay". Insiders analysis, courier prices Everything is nothing, expand in the high, the market of express industry cost, express industry started the price war is: price.

price: Everything is nothing

express industry prices fluctuate this is not a strange thing, however, China Post EMS price movement is too big. As the "three best" (the longest history, the largest business network, the most extensive coverage of the China) post EMS "the first weight 20 yuan price can be described as the" oracle "data unchanged for many years, however, that in some provinces and cities 6 of the price, the news quickly in the industry caused great shock. Sources said the postal EMS will be reduced to 12 yuan in a number of cities, while the introduction of e-commerce express within the price of 1 kg per ticket price of $8. If the news is true, which means that the price of electricity supplier EMS and domestic four pass one of the charges were basically flat.

many industry insiders believe that the price will be EMS detonated express industry price war, however, the news is true or false? EMS call the national customer service center to get the answer is: EMS the price of the notice has not yet issued at present, including Hubei provincial express start price is still the implementation of the "first 20 yuan" the standard for electronic commerce, as for the launch of the "1 kilograms per ticket 8 yuan" measures, it is impossible to verify. However, it can be determined that, as a competitor to EMS, adhere to the high end of the line as early as the courier express in August launched an economic product four days, the maximum weight of the relative standard courier can save up to 50%. EMS is the price rumors to emulate the SF express, it remains to be verified.

price: small shop can not afford to hurt

express industry price war has been put smoke bombs, each time to attract the public eye, however, behind the price is brewing. It is reported that since 2010, the domestic express industry embarked on the road prices: the price of city express, from the initial 5, 6 yuan / kg up to the current 7, 8 yuan / kg, while the remote delivery across the region rose more obvious. At present, the courier industry is relatively complex, direct and join the hybrid and the owner of the shop owner’s bargaining power, are exacerbated by the confusion of the courier industry price system.

a Taobao shop owners to express their feelings. Her clothing shop in Jiangsu for delivery, she said, sent to the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and other provinces generally around 6 yuan, is 10 yuan to 20 yuan, some express company’s remote express price, last year rose 2 to 3 yuan, for example, shipped from Jiangsu, from the point of the province last year.