Spring and autumn and the Warring States China online Digital Printing (1)


online Digital Printing in the domestic market, although it is not yet mature, but the market has entered the Warring States war era, from 2003 began to contact the online print, experience the decline of traditional print, Digital Printing the prosperity to fierce competition.

we first look at several major international Digital Printing company:

U.S. market

At present the United States

personalized imaging market is mainly composed of Snapfish, Shutterfly three, Kodak site control, account for the majority share of the American market personalized imaging products, there are dozens of regional and smaller companies in the possession of the remaining market share. Snapfish belongs to Hp, Kodak site affiliated with Kodak, no relevant details of earnings, Shutterfly is a listed company, the following is Shutterfly’s 2006 and 2007 earnings. Can show the current status of the U.S. personalized video market and China’s prospects.

European market

The 20 company

by CeWe in Germany and Britain led by Photo-Me in the relevant business center, printing workshop of CeWe Color operation has reached 20, in 23 countries and 60 thousand consumer retail partners (POS) provide photo service. In addition, processed network orders will be mailed to European countries.

Japanese market

Japan personalized image products occupied by a number of companies. In addition to the traditional printing company, 7-11 and other large supermarket chains are involved in personalized video industry, such as: Japan Tokyo Plaza Create Co. Ltd., the Hiroshima Asukanet company.

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