n addition to YAHOO Japan Lotte what business do you know

[editor’s note] Japan’s e-commerce market is very large, according to the Japanese economic and Trade Department released data show that in 2013 the domestic B2C market reached $112 billion in sales. In Japan, the most famous business platform is Rakuten and Lotte Yahoo YAHOO electricity supplier, but only rely on the two electricity supplier is not possible so the large volume of trade reached. In Japan there are many different characteristics of the electricity supplier is growing, the following are some of the world in Japan is not very well-known website for everyone to understand the current situation of the electricity supplier in japan.




Origami self proclaimed is a pure mobile providers, hoping to subvert the traditional PC side electricity supplier. Users can pay attention to their love of the brand on Origami, they will receive any new brand. In addition, users can also sign up to share their shopping experience, the user can also help the brand to achieve the role of communication in the brand store physical behavior.

Origami in 2013 received a $5 million investment, the investor is KDDI and Digital Advertising Consortium. It is understood that Origami has also been awarded the title of best APP store in 2013.



billion state power network has learned, Sumally is a type of social electricity supplier C2C, users can create a list of commodities in the above, including their wish list and sell list etc.. Similar social applications Pinterest, users can see each other’s list and then develop their own plans for the sale and purchase, but also open up FB and Twitter accounts.

as of April 2014, Sumally already has 400 thousand registered users, showing more than 135 thousand pieces of goods. In addition, businesses can also be based on the user’s list to determine the user’s preferences, etc..



iQon is a dress application, users can use it to try a variety of clothing, and then iQon will generate the corresponding test results, the user can determine whether to buy this product based on this effect. IQon also has social elements, users can pay attention to the above brands, if you like a commodity can also be purchased directly.

iQon co-founder Yuki Kanayama said that the current 650 thousand of the registered users of iQon has a total consumption of $100 thousand, the customer price is basically 100>