China pure Chinese domain name will be carried out next year to visit the world

20, in Chinese Internet Information Center and the China Linyi branch held a training meeting, the reporter learned that, in order to". China as the representative of the pure Chinese domain name registration work has been launched in Linyi. This provides a new way for small and medium-sized enterprises in our country to carry out marketing and brand creation.



". China domain name login China

swept the global financial turmoil, so many small and medium enterprises into the early winter". Due to the small scale of production, technical strength is weak, small and medium enterprises to promote the sales of the current marketing model, brought about by the high cost, the lack of high-end customers and other ills will appear.

under the impact of the international financial crisis, many rely on exports of SMEs to look back to the domestic market. However, the lack of brand awareness, but also can not afford the high cost of promotion, has become a lot of domestic and international companies intend to survive in the face of the huge challenges faced by smes.

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trading partners in the online experience, open the search engine, input keywords, one by one directory to find, not only time-consuming, sometimes find the old yellow pages network or a word or two," IT senior expert Ding Kun said, "the people’s search habits is the use of Chinese, even more famous the enterprise we cannot say it one by one English. At the same time, search engine ranking also determines the success or failure of the enterprise."

". China pure Chinese domain name, indicates that the SME marketing has a new model. "When a customer enters a bar in the browser address bar, such as. China, will be able to enter your company’s website directly, eliminating the need for a lot of costs, but also will bring you a lot of business opportunities." Ding Kun said, the company registered in the pure Chinese domain name, the name of the. China ‘or’ area + brand name. China and other combinations of different modes of registration, greatly facilitate the people in accordance with the usual search methods to find. It can be said that the Chinese domain name is equal to the company’s online signs."

"our enterprises to deal with the crisis, the main direction is to expand the domestic market, with a convenient Chinese domain name, we can better control the market." Ms. Pang said the aerospace lighting company.

it is understood that the current domestic expansion of Chinese +.CN",". China",". Company",". Network "four types of Chinese top-level domain registration. By 2009,". China will be written into the global root domain name system, can be accessed directly by global Internet users. This paper consists of LED lamp feeds