Search engine advertising how to flow into customers

          remember the last mentioned to the search engine marketing objectives of the four levels, when it comes to search engine marketing is the transformation of the highest level. After all, the ultimate purpose of the enterprise is to make money, no customer traffic is no longer useless. Today, we have to explore how to make the flow to become your customers, in simple terms is how to attract consumers rather than visitors. Of course, we want to study today is to do business search engine advertising, how to improve the CPA, each click of the harvest.


many companies make search engine advertising will find a problem, even if the site traffic is large, but the customer order is very small, resulting in very low ROI, wasting a lot of cost per click, I believe this problem has troubled many enterprises. Recently read some information and some books, with the following summary and research to explore what is the way to improve the quality of traffic, to attract consumers rather than watching people?

first, to determine the target market. That’s to say, who do you want to attract and how you want to attract consumers?. For advertising, it is important to identify the target audience and to meet the specific needs of the target audience, which can help your ad to attract the right customers, rather than watching the people.

second, identify solutions. This solution is for the consumer, you have to express in your ad clearly what you can provide help to the customer, what benefits. This advertisement can effectively bring more accurate traffic to your site. For example: "for your car to reduce fuel consumption of the engine 20%" and "our high reputation, good service, reduce the fuel consumption of the engine to provide the two ads, which you feel will be more attractive? Of course is the first, for consumers, they are concerned about their interests, whether they the need to be able to achieve, now see a clear tell you can reduce the will of course and fuel consumption of 20% points in the engine, and the second began to say how his death, is meaningless to consumers.

third, the use of promotions. We all know what is the promotion, buy one get one, a few discount. In reality, to attract consumers, in the network can also attract consumers, in the advertising list of advertising words, add some discount or value-added promotional information, can improve the click to attract customers. After all, people are greedy ideas. Of course, sometimes also can take the "free" strategy, of course, this is only free low cost and value to customers, such as information, report and so on, it can also help bring the customer and order. Of course, your marketing strategy is appropriate and targeted, otherwise it will produce a lot of garbage flow, greatly increasing the cost of advertising.

fourth, create a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency is to urge consumers to enter your web site