Who will reap the future of online shopping

in the past just in 2011, e-commerce industry has been much attention, positive news negative reports are many, performance and report also caused widespread hot inside and outside the industry. Some people say that the e-commerce industry is coming, can not escape the curse of 2012, it was also said that the e-commerce industry in the ascendant, full of opportunities in the crisis. In the end who will harvest the online shopping industry tomorrow by the Oriental Shopping, first financial daily and Fudan University School of management jointly organized the 2011 online shopping development forum, the message is good news.

Shanghai will build e-commerce center in the Asia Pacific region

Gu Jiahe, deputy director of the

Shanghai Business Council released a set of data: Shanghai e-commerce transactions reached 425 billion 200 million yuan in 2010 to reach $, an increase of nearly 16 times. 2011 first half of the transaction amounted to 249 billion yuan, an increase of 24.77%. Which online shopping transaction volume, including B2C, C2C mode, reached 20 billion 645 million yuan. Shanghai e-commerce has been in a leading position in the country, Gu Jiahe revealed that by the end of 2015, the city’s e-commerce transaction size to reach 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan. The city government will be listed as the city’s strategic emerging industries, the introduction of major policies to support.

Chen Xiaoming, deputy director of the office of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce,

analysis, Shanghai’s retail network is characterized by the performance of the B2B model is obvious, accounting for 92% of the total sales. Shanghai’s electronic payment system is relatively mature, supporting services in the country ahead. He revealed that the upcoming release of Shanghai e-commerce development plan part of the content –

The overall goal of "

12th Five-Year" during the construction and the city function of Shanghai has to adapt to the international domestic two market allocation of resources, enterprises and institutions are highly concentrated industry, industry rich Asia Pacific Electronic Commerce Center city. "12th Five-Year" period, there are seven main areas of development of e-commerce applications, including manufacturing, commerce and trade circulation, foreign trade, cultural tourism, exhibition industry, financial services and agriculture development, focus on promoting e-commerce industry.

in 12th Five-Year, the development of e-commerce in Shanghai, there are eight main tasks, one is to establish and improve the e-commerce market system, the implementation of e-commerce market service system construction projects. Encourage and develop various types of e-commerce development model, the implementation of e-commerce innovation and development projects, accelerate the construction of large-scale e-commerce platform. To enhance the application level of e-commerce in traditional enterprises, the implementation of the traditional application of enterprise e-commerce double push project, planning and construction of the gathering area of e-commerce, vigorously develop e-commerce services, strengthen e-commerce selection and training, the implementation of the construction of e-commerce industry talent project, carry out international exchanges and cooperation in e-commerce. At the same time, we will further strengthen the construction of e-commerce support system. Including information security measures, e-commerce infrastructure service system, e-commerce standard system, e-commerce logistics service system, e-commerce branch