Baidu’s products on the impact of the webmaster

Baidu launched

has had more than half a year, many owners have now been found, search for some products or industries, will find that Baidu has the most products ranking on the first page, just some old station or the optimization level is high, ranking of good standing, are lucky to have ranked in the front.

fact is: most of the site, have been playing in the following Baidu’s channel, many webmasters are depressed in this ranking order. Ranking: Baidu brand – Baidu promotion – Optimization of the good, ranking old old station – Baidu has ah – Baidu pictures – Baidu Encyclopedia – Baidu know – my station.

what does that mean? The first thing is e-commerce. The greatest impact on. Because many e-commerce sites are mostly have their own channels, and the need to maintain a certain cost, but ah is a C2C type shopping site, the price will be first to us and the huge impact, Taobao had a 80% share, pat, eBay and other and take some of that big stations are part of electronic commerce rely on Baidu to ration, after all do know, Google gives useful traffic is really not much.

is in some advertising station, I personally think that is also a great influence, after all, you hang advertising, manufacturers are spending on the alliance, then you hang in, the Baidu products are linked to its own, rich manufacturers are get promotion, medium manufacturers put to alliance. Strength is not strong, certainly many product price is not competitive, the starting point is low, their products must have been linked to Baidu has ah there, eventually causing manufacturers to abandon the network marketing way. What do you make money if you don’t put it on?.

Baidu has robbed many webmaster rations, but after all, the C2C market should be standardized, the proliferation of fakes is still the dragons and fishes jumbled together, lethal factor. The road to do stand will become more and more difficult, only bigger, made famous, and do the real thing, do the specification, we can continue to survive.

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