Alternative marketing to reduce the cost of foreign trade promotion multinational procurement networ

with the aggravation of the situation of economic globalization, more and more domestic enterprises have been eyeing the foreign market, in order to obtain a broader space for development, and to open up overseas markets to overseas marketing. Now, according to the B2B platform for the promotion of international trade beyond count, but these platforms or unsatisfactory results, or the cost is too expensive, want to open up overseas markets for domestic enterprises, cost control is an important prerequisite for profit, in order to obtain customer resources obtain benefits have to consider the platform efficiency and cost problem.

B2B foreign trade platform deposit defects difficult to meet the needs of enterprises

compared to the high cost of foreign exhibition promotion, promotion more and more enterprises are keen on the B2B platform, for information dissemination and management enquiries every day. Effect of B2B platform promotion is not restricted by time and region, enterprises need to have a dedicated clerk in the online operation, through the platform registration, product information, customer inquiries, to establish cooperative relations with foreign customers. The B2B platform is an effective source of foreign trade enterprises to obtain customer resources, so it has attracted more and more enterprises, and it is because of this market demand, B2B trade platform more and more full of the entire Internet market. But at home and abroad, all kinds of large-scale B2B platform, we found that these single platform model, competition, and generally more expensive charges, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign trade enterprises high efficiency and low cost.

The premise of many B2B platform

existing in the enterprise does not understand the effect under the need to pay a lot of advertising, this is a kind of risk investment for domestic and foreign enterprises, most likely the money spent, but did not receive the ideal effect. The enterprise wants to obtain enquiries mainly rely on the platform of B2B traffic and purchasing resources, but the platform’s resources are limited, and the sellers and join the platform very much, platform resources will be limited to many sellers on the platform, which is a little monk of the situation. Therefore, there will be a buyer to a number of sellers inquiry, which greatly exacerbated the competition between the seller, the seller will be very difficult to get orders, even if they can win the competition will be very low pressure. As for other sellers to obtain enquiries opportunities will require additional funding for advertising, in order to enhance the ranking obtained exposure, so as to get the inquiry, this potentially further increased marketing costs.

integral B2B website of multinational procurement network to help enterprises A new force suddenly rises. offbeat marketing

today, a large number of domestic foreign trade companies are seeking to develop business for the B2B website, there are many defects and the platform of foreign trade enterprises have nothing, therefore, the foreign trade B2B platform competition, the price seems to be a chicken ribs. For domestic enterprises urgently need a suitable B2B trade platform, the demand that many research network technology company, in order to seize the market, most of the domestic enterprises is the integral system of foreign trade B2>.