Maternal and child industry explosive growth in electricity providers and social have a better tomor

maternal and child industry explosive growth in electricity providers and social networking have a better tomorrow?

TechWeb October 14th reported text / Xiao Fang

"maternal and child market showing explosive growth trend in recent years, mainly due to the number of awakening consumer awareness and neonatal large, 2011 China maternal market size has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, is expected in 2015 will exceed 2 trillion yuan." Analysys International analyst Liu Menglei expressed on maternal and child market prospects look forward to TechWeb.

capital markets also expressed optimism about the industry with action. According to TechWeb preliminary investigation, this year, there have been more than 10 children in the field of maternal and child financing, and even the lack of six months to complete the two rounds of financing the mother and child entrepreneurial team.

at present, maternal and infant industry (including parent-child industry) business focused on electricity providers and social two aspects, has appeared on the market, including honey bud baby babe network B2C vertical, but also to the baby tree, we as the representative of the mother, parenting class community. For this differentiation, Liu Menglei believes that this shows that maternal industry has grown to become a vertical field, from the stage, the two fields have space to imagine: the depth of mining flow of maternal social value realizable; maternal electricity supplier will help consumers to increase brand loyalty stickiness, users buy curing habit.

, however, as a whole, the industry is still in its infancy, the mother and infant industry is not only the emergence of listed companies, has not been able to call the leader of the enterprise. For electricity providers and social two different directions in the future, the industry also has a different voice, perhaps really have to wait for some time, in order to make a precise judgment.

maternal electricity supplier: still rely on integrated electronic business platform

according to Analysys think tank released data show that in the first quarter of 2014 B2C market infant category, Tmall trading volume accounted for 52.3%, accounting for 19.4% of the Jingdong, Dangdang, shop No. 1,, Amazon, QQ online shopping Chinese followed, in addition to these platforms outside the trading share accounted for a total of 5.7%.

Liu Menglei said the data reflect the current maternal and child electricity supplier relies on an integrated platform model, vertical electricity supplier traffic is difficult to win, the brand is difficult to establish, maternal and child products are still small segments of the field.

however, babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun do not agree, he believes that the maternal areas can be divided into the children’s clothing, shoes, toys, supplies and other market segments, each market is very big industry. For example, children’s clothing on the 6 thousand billion market, the toy market also has several thousand billion market, but each segment of the downstream relationship is completely different.

seems to Zhang Lianglun, the overall sales of maternal and child products B2C platform to occupy the vast majority of the share, the main reason is that the share of milk powder, diapers and other products are occupied by these large electronic business platform. These products >