Taobao pat and other C2C platforms rampant rampant piracy Book Regulation

July 9th news, in late April this year, Taobao has teamed up with 27 domestic publishing houses to combat piracy activities. However, recently there are users in e-commerce platform to reflect the rampant sale of pirated books.

according to the clues provided by users, TechWeb first by and book sales ranking of the top ten books in and pat Network were searched, found that there are a lot of very low prices of pirated books in the two C2C platform. In the end, TechWeb chose a book that was selling recently – "Du Lala 3: I was in the year of the battle" as a representative. This book is the original price of 29.8 yuan, Dangdang and excellent network are priced at $19.6. Subsequently, TechWeb were selected in the two major C2C platform and pat the network platform in accordance with the title of the search, and the search results based on the price from low to high order. According to TechWeb observation, this book on in the lowest price of 5.9 yuan, 6 yuan for the freight, the seller in Shanghai; this book in the pat Network in the lowest price is only 3 yuan, 10 yuan for the freight, the seller in Hebei of Shijiazhuang city. Next, TechWeb, respectively, in the Taobao and pat Network, from the search out of the seller at the option of a book selling price of 6 yuan, shipping costs of $5 to communicate with the seller in Beijing.


in Taobao search "Du Lala 3: I am in the battle of the year" and the results according to the price from low to high order


in pat Network Search "Du Lala 3: I am in the battle of the year" and the results according to the price from low to high order

when TechWeb asked why Taobao sellers can sell so cheap, the seller Taobao bluntly: not genuine." The book is not genuine quality is guaranteed, this will not be a haven’t finished the book apart? In this regard, the seller said: "Taobao not, unless you tear it." How can TechWeb see when consultation is genuine, or pirated Taobao? The seller said genuine good quality, and suggested that TechWeb bought the store 10 yuan a genuine "Du Lala 3: I in this battle of the year", concurrent to the genuine book purchase. However, TechWeb found that the seller of Taobao cumulative credit is just a drill, but it sent a genuine book to buy the address of the shop is four diamond. In the TechWeb under questioning the seller to recognize the two stores are Taobao. Is his shop, there are genuine book are pirated, let buyers how to distinguish? If you go back and buy genuine book buyers spend money is not very unjust piracy. According to the Taobao seller introduction, "genuine good quality, have a look at the outside cover, can see it." In addition, according to the Taobao seller said genuine books are directly marked in the name of the goods is genuine.