Beauty electricity supplier price war with the electricity supplier in the field of war


LAFONT network five anniversary officially kicked off, to create "the most attractive" beauty shopping carnival, a number of special offer promotions will stimulate consumer enthusiasm, sincerity, low discount of foot is There was no parallel in history. At the same time, the United States and the United States and the 3.5 anniversary of the day is also in full swing. Two beauty electric business promotion war, so that consumers do not want to buy hard.

Lasafo launched in the anniversary of the product does discount is very low, there is news that on the anniversary of promotional activities, LAFONT network ready to drop in the consumer benefit above funds at least 200 million yuan. Such a large sum of money, you can see the music bee network in the price war, the determination of how big. Moreover, Le bee network said on the eve of the promotion carried out its suppliers were the platform 2 election 1, so that the United States to the United States and the United States and the war to increase the smell of gunpowder.

beauty electric war become the battle between women

Lasafo held the same day, 5 special moment quiet sister Mao and other major efforts to brand discount activities, on the one hand is to promote consumers to buy the brand at the same time, such a low price but also to repay consumers, allowing more people to buy on the day usually do not expect brand products.

on that day also had a preferential price and a series of activities, is great in recent years propaganda, first Chen Ou in Hunan TV ads,, I speak for himself, making’s young people’s attention. I and the people around me also read this advertisement to browse the home page, after the discovery of the beauty products really good.

again, this year just a film "woman behind" is the same, by the power of the media to expand their influence, which are filled with the shadow of, and a hippo. is more and more attention to the influence of the media, with the help of this to get more consumers. Compared to Lasafo visibility will worse, but Lasafo and suppliers, brands have established friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation, their goal is to enable consumers to get the best quality products here, the most attentive service.

electricity supplier price war speculation

beauty electricity supplier industry has been the most confusing industry. The first is the problem of the price, in August that the price war has not once, in March of this year, was also the anniversary of launched a "peach blossom" large-scale promotion. Such promotions so that our consumers are very confused, the two are in the joint hype or vicious competition. Followed by the quality of the goods and the authenticity of the problem has been a concern for consumers. Beauty electricity supplier fakes are some, but in order to keep their own electricity supplier and the cost of cooperation with suppliers, can only continue to sell.

as consumers, we want to buy cheap products, the emergence of electricity providers to provide us with this