The electricity supplier to Baotuan down the line capacity shortage of common short board

look, Alibaba and Suning tens of billions of "marriage" is conceived along route forward: August 17th Tmall flagship store officially launched, only one day to become the Tmall merchant in appliance sales ranking list. And before that their old rival Jingdong invested 4 billion 200 million yuan investment to obtain the line fresh goods giant Yonghui supermarket 10% stake, in order to speed up its O2O business entity.

if the timeline back, we will find that this "to" attack, almost is becoming the consensus that the United States online electricity supplier and Han Kuang department store officially reached a cooperation; Tencent, Baidu teamed up with Wanda Group "Teng million try breaking O2O……

things are becoming more and more interesting — especially if you still remember and offline retail electricity providers how incompatible and irreconcilable opposed to it. For example, Ma had said: Taobao electricity supplier to deal with the traditional retail confrontation, the goal is to destroy all intermediaries".

to Ali as the representative of the electricity supplier invariably choose the same to the next answer this question, we need to take a look at Ali’s latest earnings.

Ali’s second quarter results, the number of active buyers to promote the growth of Chinese retail platform commodity turnover of 673 billion yuan, an increase of 34%; while the total amount of transactions in 2015 Q1 was 600 billion yuan, an increase of 40%; total 2014 Q4 transactions 787 billion yuan, an increase of 49%.

Ali’s competitors, as well as those followed by Ali electricity supplier small and medium companies, also faced with this decline in the performance of the decline in anxiety. Throughout the first half of 2015, China’s online retail sales of 16459 yuan, an increase of 39.1%, the growth rate down by more than last year’s total of 10 percentage points.

has been in development for hurricane type (here mainly refers to the share and size) of the business enterprise, it can be pretty bad. A fact that they need to face is that the current electricity supplier line development are likely to enter a bottleneck, perhaps unfortunately decline — of course, the surface looks, the sales scale and the users of many enterprises is still growing, but the growth rate and the growth rate is the inevitable slowdown, especially first-tier cities electricity market performance especially.

Why will appear online

business growth decline? One reason is that online costs are rising sharply, with the increase of labor and logistics costs, with the economic growth with the service consumption of commodities in the rising share price factors for a long time driving online crazy to buy is continuously reduced and tends to be rational. In addition, the electricity supplier to pay taxes to strengthen the supervision of the voice has continued. All of these will drive the proximity of online and offline spreads.

another reason can not be ignored is that the entire industry to a certain extent, or the formation of scale monopoly, the business of large electricity supplier business began to converge, the direction of resonance. >