How did Rolls-Royce successfully build luxury brands Learn the five important rules

what are luxury brands? They are dreams. The customer’s self-worth and emotion need to be realized through luxury. Luxury brand to people a lot of promise and hope, let people believe that the future will have them, their hull.


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in the end what is the luxury brand luxury brand full of exciting elements, including the spirit of artisans, rare and so on, so that you buy a dream come true. As Gucci (GUCCI) CEO Robert Polet said the group: "we are not doing business selling handbags, we are selling the dream."

CEIBS overseas travel series "fashion brand growth path" brand shuttle in the theory and practice of learning, after visiting Italy, Caruso and other luxury brands Ferragamo, Switzerland’s largest advertising company — Rongma advertising company director Thomas (Thomas Deigendesch) Gendan wear what Dr. in central Zurich campus the classroom to sort out the five rule how to successfully build luxury brands.


luxury brand in the end is what they are dreams, we are using luxury brands to sell dreams. Is selling some intangible value, telling a story, we all want to become the hero, this is a luxury brand to you fall into a reverie. For luxury brands, customer purchase motivation, a sense of self worth, admiration, respect, admiration, expression of a variety of emotions, or that I want to achieve some desire, can be achieved through these brands.

another motivation to buy luxury brands is a sense of social belonging, that is, we want to be able to have a position relative to other people, showing my social identity, status and prestige. Or there is a motive is to promote individuality, I would like to express my taste, my attitude, or my freedom, I would like to spend what consumption. In summary, the luxury brand to people a lot of promise and hope, and we believe that they will buy after hull.


self-worth: sexy, success, envy, respect and admire

let’s take a look at this example, there are two bags, on the left is the IKEA shopping bag, the right side is Louis Weedon’s travel bag.


the value of luxury goods has been decoupled from the actual value of the product

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luxury brand itself has been decoupled from the actual value of the product