Electricity supplier information Yun Hui together to build CCTV online mall to join the top brands

, according to reports, Yun Hui will join hands CCTV, build online mall to join the top brands. Cloud sinks off the relevant responsible person said that the strategic cooperation, is a leap leap, also hope that through cctv.com influence and credibility, in the current popularity of cloud sinks on the existing customer, can have a more extensive information dissemination. Let more people go deep into the solution to the cloud exchange online mall to join the brand, so as to help more grassroots entrepreneurs to achieve their entrepreneurial dream!

CCTV network (http://s.jingji.cntv.cn/2014/05/30/VIDE1401413795856748.shtml) is China’s first media site. CCTV’s official website. Ranking first in China’s top six official websites. With considerable authority and impartiality. Cloud sinks in the industry by virtue of the brand appeal and reputation of the influence of the CCTV network has won the attention, and thus reached a strategic cooperation with CCTV network. The future, cloud exchange customers will join CCTV, based on the existing technical support and manpower support, is committed to brand building online store franchise industry, and become the most credible B2C high-end e-commerce business platform. Through the CCTV network efficient marketing communication capabilities, enhance brand value, establish a benchmark for the development of the industry, invite more grassroots small business together to build a fair, honest large online shopping platform.

since the beginning of 1997, China’s e-commerce has been in the stage of crossing the stone, and the next ten years will be the real era of rapid development of e-commerce. Yun Hui online shopping mall (800580.com) to join the many advantages. There is a variety of goods, quality guaranteed, safe and fast logistics, all day long 24 hour customer service customer service online Q & A, perfect service, headquarters will also provide a comprehensive system of training and all network technical support and network solutions, easy to help investors start! And the cloud sinks off with CCTV, will set off a new trend of electricity industry