nternet operators rely on online or offline

so without further ado, such as the title of "the Internet operation relies on online or offline?", estimates that the average person will think, "hands are grasping with both hands"!!! Good, but I believe that most people are in and do in order to verify an idea of their station, few someone to do market research. Because to do a stand for the webmaster, so esay!. Copy of any website ideas and procedures are relatively simple.

general webmaster is to do technical background, for the operation, online operation is relatively professional, for example, SEO, the content of the update, the addition of the chain, QQ group, the forum, the famous site of soft wen. Revenue estimates are mostly done advertising alliance, Taobao, etc.. A lot of people, get some income and enjoy

!In fact,

, to the site to become bigger and stronger, line alone is not enough!!! The line operation is more important, and the development of the Internet so far, the most creative value lies in the sale, and the electronic commerce, many sites that came from the root, that is to say! Many people do stand is a hot head in a domain name space to get up, the operation of many difficulties, for one person or two or three person’s strength is very small, then slowly give up! Website in the space are long, also did not care, let the children self


the Internet is a very competitive industry, don’t see a certain network how to how to earn money, he also felt a station, will earn money. Success is not so simple, in fact, the Internet, the less success, failure, but people will only pay attention to the aura of success, for those who defeat the

disappeared, imperceptibly!

today to write this article, just want to tell people what to do poineering work in Internet, we must think twice, a website is not a good idea can be successful, requires a rigorous market research, preliminary budget, technical team, sales team…… Especially don’t think of yourself to achieve sales, must have a channel, or die! You have a terminal sales channels, is your business success! Those who are currently in their marketing Station, will not be assured a lot bigger, also be acquired.


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